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It's great up North! Junior Star Singer Songwriter touches down in Halifax

After an early start, the Junior Star Singer Songwriter team started the second day of our tour bleary eyed and a little tired. Thanks to the help of a stop at our favourite coffee shop Starbucks and a cheeky McDonald's breakfast, they soon perked up though and were happily fuelled and raring to go for the morning!
Making our way to Phoenix Radio 96.7 FM, we were greeted by radio station manager Howard Priestley. The radio station is based at Fletchers Mill at the massive Dean Clough Mills complex, once a bustling textiles mill and now a busy location for hotels, shops and restaurants for locals and tourists who are visiting.  It's ideal for the radio station because it's got such a buzz so drop by if you fancy it.
Contestants for the Halifax region were Rebecca Chalfont, Charlie Burke, and Albert Stott, all of whom gave their all, racking up some impressive performances. You can watch them all below:

Guests were Teide Bryce, Georgia Lois, Junior Star Singer Songwri…

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